Friday March 7 2014

Scrap USE and pay teachers better - education service commissioner


An Education Service Commissioner, Mr Abdallatif Wangubo, has called on government to scrap the Universal Secondary Education programme and channel the resources for recruiting more teachers and remunerating them better.
Government is in the process of scrapping of USE in private schools and redirect resources towards the construction of at least one secondary school in every sub-county.

“As a person, I would suggest that government turns USE money to employ qualified teacher regardless of whether he or she is teaching in a private or government school so that quality of education improves” said Mr Wangubo.
Mr Wangubo, who was recently speaking at Aish Memorial Primary School in Jinja where he addressed a workshop for muslim teachers from Busoga sub-region organised by the Aswadiq Al-min Muslim Students Association said.

Mr Wangubo said the Education Service Commission’s biggest challenge is lack of funds to cater for the salaries of thousands of graduate teachers.
He said much as many graduate teachers have successfully passed the commission’s interviews, they are yet to be issued with appointment letters because it does not have money to pay their salaries.