Thursday May 29 2014

Security guard arrested


Police in Mbarara District are holding a guard from Askar Security Group on suspicion of shooting dead Umaru Kimindi, a trader in Mbarara Central Market.

Kimindi was shot near Kilimi Supermarket on Buremba Street at around 7pm on Tuesday.

Eye witnesses say the guard was trying to shove off a group of people who were quarreling close to the supermarket - his work station.
“Some people were fighting and Kimindi tried to separate them. The guard, who was seated at a distance shouted at them, directing them to leave the place. Kimindi developed a quarrel with the guard, who I heard say I can shot you [Kimindi],” said Mr Hassan Lafiki, a roast meat seller, who works near the supermarket.

“As Kimindi turned to leave, the security guard started shooting at him, he fell down and was bleeding profusely,” Mr Lafiki told the Daily Monitor.

He was rushed to Mayanja Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Kimindi was a butcher in the central market.

“We arrested him (the security guard) and we have confiscated his gun. We are still conducting investigations to establish the cause of the shooting,” said Mr Ibin Senkumbi, the Rwizi region police spokesperson.
“Some of these security guards are not well trained, they tend to be trigger happy without minding repercussions,” added Mr Senkumbi.
Mr Senkumbi also took the opportunity to warn security companies that fail to provide basic necessities for their workers including training and payment

“We shall deregister security companies whose personnel act in a manner that in not only a threat but a nuisance to the public.”