Wednesday November 12 2014

Shell and Bolton sued over job advert


KAMPALA. A jobless graduate of Uganda Christian University (UCU) has sued Shell and Bolton International in the Constitutional Court over the recent job advert that has since sparked controversy.
In the petition, Mr Kenneth Kaggwa filed on November 4, he states that the actions of Shell and Bolton International in as far as spelling out that the applicants for the advertised job must be Indians, Filipino and Whites was discriminatory against the indigenous Ugandans and in contravention of the Constitution and the Employment Act 2006.
The basis of Mr Kaggwa’s petition is the job advert the company ran in the local press on October 20, 2014.
The advert was calling for applicants to fill the position of administrative assistant.
Among other job requirements, the advertisers demanded that eligible candidates must have four years working experience.

Mr Kaggwa, a graduate of Procurement and Logistics Management, states that the job advert only catered for Indians, Filipinos and Whites and this does not promote equality of opportunity but promotes discrimination in the job market.
He further contends that qualified Ugandans with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Office Management skills and other related fields, as required in the advert, were denied the opportunity for the job because the advert discriminated against them as not fit to hold the said position by virtue of their race, colour and national extraction.
Mr Kaggwa wants the Constitutional Court to order Shell and Bolton International to re-advertise the said job vacancy without prejudice to race, colour, national or social extraction.