Tuesday May 20 2014

Shs100 billion allocated for census


About Shs100b has been spent so far in preparation for the national census scheduled for August 27 and 28, according to Mr Francis Mashate, the national census coordinator.

However, the exercise will need another Shs90b to be completed.
Speaking at the launch of the 100-day exercise in Kampala yesterday, Mr Mashate said much of the money will be spent on field staff.

“We will hire about 83,000 staff (those who will go door to door conducting the census), which will cost us about Shs16 billion. In addition to that we have to pay supervisors (17,000), train those who will conduct the census and give them allowances among other facilitations,” Mr Mashate said.

According to Mr Ben Paul Mungyereza, the Uganda Bureaus of Statistics executive director, the other Shs90b will come in handy to complete census exercise.

“There will be even more work after the census night. Data processing, report writing and will all happen after counting. This means that there will be more cost even after the census night,” Mr Mungyereza said.

With the countdown to the census [100 days], there will be daily communication from the bureau to the public on the census dates.
The public will also be given more information regarding the exercise on several channels.

Census was first conducted in 1911, then 1969 which revealed a population of 9.5million. And subsequent census were held in 1980, 1981 and in 2002. The resultant populations from these censuses were 12.6million, 16.7million and 24.1million respectively. It is estimated that the country’s population could have since reached 33 million people.