Saturday April 12 2014

Six women jailed for husband killing

Christine Atim, 32, a mother of seven, cries

Christine Atim, 32, a mother of seven, cries after she was sentenced to five years in jail. Atim hit her husband, Jimmy Ogwang with a hammer to death after a disagreement. PHOTO BY Hudson Apunyo 

By Hudson Apunyo

Six women have been convicted by the High Court in Lira for killing their husbands.

The state prosecutor, Ms Sarah Amony ,asked for deterrent sentences against the convicts on account that the offences are brutal and caused painful death to the victims.

However, trial judge, Ms Winfred Nabisinde, observed that all the crimes, committed as a result of domestic violence, were not intended by the offenders.
“The circumstance was grave but the mitigation overrides the graveness. I find the maximum sentence of death too harsh and a custodial sentence of 35 years also too harsh,” the judge ruled and sentenced the convicts to custodial sentences ranging from two to eight years.

The women were convicted on their own plea of guilty after the Judiciary organised a mini session of 11 mothers.

The convicts and their jail sentences
Margaret Atim, 40, of Dokolo. On September 21, 2012, hit her husband Simon Ocen twice on the head with a pestle and he died instantly. She was sentenced to five years.

Christine Atim, 32, of Alebtong District. On July 6, 2013 hit her husband Jimmy Ogwang with a hammer after a disagreement. She was sentenced to five years.
Florence Angwec of Dokolo. Driven by jealousy, she killed Moses Icil on November 29, 2012, and hid the body in the bush. She was sentenced to six years.
Santa Akwar, 48, of Kole District. On September 8, 2012, killed her husband Francis Odur for selling two cups of simsim and using the proceeds to buy local gin. She was sentenced to eight years.

Aumu Milla, 45, of Kole District. On November 26, 2012, killed her husband John Aber. The couple sold their cow for Shs390, 000 to settle a debt. At night, the husband came back drunk and demanded the money. During the quarrel, Auma picked a hoe and hit her husband on the chest, killing him instantly. She was sentenced to three years in jail.

Evaline Aceng. Pleaded to killing her husband Michael Adar but prosecution declined to amend the charge of manslaughter, forcing the judge to adjourn the case to the next criminal session.
Christine Adongo of Otuke on April 24, 2013, killed her brother Ocen Angelo when she found him fighting their father John Akaca on a village path. She was sentenced to two years.

Others. Four other mothers - Florence Anabo Anna, Awelo Maratine, Aceng Molly and Ejang Lucia are yet to take their plea.