Slow committee chairpersons to face sanctions

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Posted  Tuesday, March 11   2014 at  02:00

Chairpersons of committees of Parliament that do not complete their assignments within 45 days will face monetary sanctions, the Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, has said.

“I have been repeatedly calling upon the committee chairpersons to work hastily so that we can complete the Bills that are pending. But I regret to inform you that some have asked for extra time. I am going to apply very serious sanctions some of them pecuniary to the chairpersons,” Ms Kadaga, said. She did not elaborate how it would be implemented.

Chairpersons are entitled to an allowance of Shs60, 000 per sitting.
The move is meant to force them to table reports on the floor of Parliament within the time frame provided for in the House’s Rules of Procedure.

It could also spare the newly-constituted committees the burden of first clearing with a former committee’s unfinished business.
Ms Kadaga’s remarks come against the backdrop of requests by three committees – Agriculture, Health and Legal and Parliamentary Affairs asking for extra time to finalise the Bills they are working on.

Committees face challenges such as the refusal by some Cabinet ministers who have other official engagements to appear before the committees.

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