Friday January 17 2014

Somalia, Uganda police agree to fight terrorism


Kampala- Uganda and Somalia police chiefs have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will enable Uganda to send police trainers to train Somali officers in exchange for intelligence on suspected terrorists.

Uganda police chief Kale Kayihura and his Somalia counterpart, Brig Gen Abdihakim Dahir Sa’eed, signed the deal yesterday in Kampala, Uganda.
Gen Kayihura said the agreement will allow them to train Somali officers in Uganda and within Somalia.

“We shall be able to send our officers to train Somali officers in Somalia. We shall share whatever we have to fight terrorism and crime in both countries because it is the spirit of the EAPCCO (East African Police Chiefs Organisation),” Gen Kayihura said yesterday.

Brig Gen Abdihakim said Somalia needed more technical support in building capacity in the departments of criminal investigations and counter terrorism that were affected by the two-decade civil war.

The MoU allows the two countries to jointly procure police equipment.