Saturday January 18 2014

Son seeks pardon for dead NRA war hero



Fifteen years after the death of former NRA chief of training during the bush war, Brig Tadeo Kanyankore, his son has come out to say his father was “unfairly treated” by the army and died an angry man.

Mr Ferdinand Tayebwa appealed to President Museveni to forgive his late father. Brig Kanyankore was in charge of recruitment and training during the 1981-86 NRA [now UPDF] bush war that brought President Museveni to power.

Brig Kanyankore was tried in a Military Court and dismissed from army with disgrace in 1992.
He was accused of misusing about $100,000. He was also removed from the NRA Historical High Command and the National Resistance Council, the interim legislature after the takeover.
Dismissal from the army with disgrace means the affected soldier cannot receive service benefits including gratuity and terminal benefits.

“If I got a chance to meet the President, the first thing I would request would be to ask him to posthumously forgive my father for whatever mistakes he might have committed and also allow his family to get his package,” said Mr Tayebwa. “I remember some high ranking army officers used to come home and ask him to go to the President and apologise. But he felt he had no case,” Mr Tayebwa said.

In 1989, Brig Kanyankore was arrested and imprisoned at Lubiri Barracks before he was sent to Luzira Prison. After serving his sentence, he was released from prison and dismissed from the army with disgrace. He became the first member of the High Command to suffer such a punishment.