Monday August 19 2013

Soroti varsity team accused of misconduct


Soroti- Members tracking the establishment of Soroti University have been accused of having interests in the establishment of a private university instead of executing work for a public institution that they are being paid for.

Mr Jorem Opian, a member of Iteso cultural union, told a team from the ministry of Education, led by minister Jessica Alupo, that the team is instead establishing Teso University, a private institution that will start enrolling students in two weeks’ time.
“We can’t have the same people here who are also pursuing their selfish interests,” he said.

Mr Opian added that the region has longed for a public university and that setting up a private institution by the taskforce members is tantamount to playing double standards by government.

Mr Jonathan Ebwalu, a political activist, said an inquiry into the team’s conduct must be instituted, saying that they might be diverting money meant for tracking the establishment of a public university to what they have already started.

“On bills that affect the rights of people, it takes government two minutes to pass it, when it comes to education they are not for it,” he reiterated.

Ms Jessica Alupo, said as a ministry, they are not against people with interests of starting a private university and that the call for disbanding the taskforce would seemingly mean a lot, since these people entered agreements with the ministry of Education.

She added that as a minister in charge she rather have the university take long to start but on its mandated land.