Wednesday February 5 2014

Sports betting, pool distract Kalangala leaders

By Henry Lubulwa


Residents of Kalangala District have accused some civil servants and politicians in the area of abandoning their offices and spending time gambling and playing pool in bars.

A fisherman leader in Kalangala Town Council, Mr Suleiman Kyazike, last week said he and several other fishermen were invited for a meeting with the Town Council Chairman, Sulait Lutakome, and the meeting could not take place on time because some politicians and civil servants were playing pool and buying betting tickets.

One of the residents, Mr Livingstone Ssempiira, who regularly plays the game, told the Daily Monitor that even some policemen get preoccupied by the games. However, Mr Sulayiti Lutakome, the town council LC3 chairperson, rubbished the accusations as baseless. Mr Lutakome said the officials who play the games do so only after office hours.

Meanwhile, authorities in Bukomansimbi District recently barred residents from playing pool and engaging in betting during morning hours to curb crime rate in the area.