Sunday June 8 2014

Stock enough food for your homes, says First Lady

By Elly Karenzi

The First Lady and minister for Karamoja Affairs, Ms Janet Museveni, has called for a return to the traditional practices which ensured food security in homes in the past.

Speaking at the belated Women’s Day celebrations at Nyabuhikye prison grounds in Ibanda District on Friday, Ms Museveni said the cultural standards in the past emphasised families to plan, grow and store enough food that would sustain them to the next harvesting season.

She challenged the residents, especially women, to store enough food for their families before considering selling it for other needs.

Ms Museveni also expressed concern that in most families, members do not plan together on what to grow. She said this role is left to women alone.
She castigated the youth who have neglected work and instead devoted most of their time to leisure activities such as playing pool table.