Strange disease hits Kasese

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By Enid Ninsiima & Thembo Kahungu

Posted  Monday, May 5   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

Symptoms. The disease makes its victims unable to stand or walk, according to district health experts.

Ministry of Health and medical workers in Bwera Hospital are investigating a strange illness that has hit Kasese District.
The Bwera Hospital administrator Mr Pedson Baluku Buthalha, said they have admitted patients with an illness that is yet to be identified.

Samples taken
“We are receiving patients with an illness that we have failed to diagnose. However, we have taken samples to Uganda Virus Institute in Entebbe for screening,” he said.

He said some of the patients are students from Nyabugando Vocational Secondary School in Mpondwe, Lhubiriha Town Council.
A team of health workers, according to Mr Buthalha has been dispatched to the affected village to ascertain the cause of the disease.
However, according to health workers the illness is suspected to be polio or a viral sickness.

Patients complain of intense pain in their legs that affect their ability to stand and walk. The first case was registered on May 2.

Among those admitted are Phoebe Mbambu, 14, Jovaness Mbambu, 16 and her mother Irene Kiiza, all residents of Nyamambuka village in Mpondwe –lhubiriha Town Council.

The disease is reported to have attacked residents of Kabuyiri II cell, Nyabugando ward in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council. Kabuyiri II cell is at the border with DR Congo.
Dr Timothy Muke, the Bwera Hospital senior clinical officer, said some of the patients would be transferred to Kagando Hospital that has advanced equipment for further management.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Rukia Nakamatte confirmed the developments, saying eight cases had been registered and investigations were ongoing.
“We don’t know what the patients are suffering from. They (Bwera Hospital medical officials) have given us a preliminary report, showing that patients are unable to walk.”

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