Suspect fakes madness in court

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Posted  Saturday, March 15   2014 at  02:00

There was drama at Buganda Road Court when a suspect on defilement charges faked madness before smearing his body with human waste in an attempt to escape.

Mr Ismail Mukasa, alias Zairwa, also smeared his human waste on the walls of the court building.
He was in the court’s holding cells awaiting to be taken to the courtroom.
He first pretended to be unconscious and moments later, he undressed and eased himself and smeared his excreta all over his body.

His behaviour prompted police to take him to Butabika Mental Rehabilitation Hospital to check his mental status.
However results confirmed he is normal.
A warrant was drafted to have the suspect remanded until March 27 when he will reappear in court for mention of his case.

Particulars of the charge state that Mukasa on February 26 at Muzaana Zone, Kisenyi in Kampala, had sex with a minor.
Records from Old Kampala Police Station indicated that Mukasa had previously been arrested over a similar offence but freed upon exhibiting similar behaviours of purported mental disorders.

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