Thursday November 15 2012

Suspected Ebola death in Koboko


A boda boda cyclist who was admitted to Koboko Health Centre IV with signs of the Ebola virus has died.

The man, whose identity was not disclosed by the doctor who treated him, was brought in on Monday and passed away on Tuesday.

The district health officer, Dr Alfred Driwale, told the Daily Monitor on Tuesday evening that they were treating the case of Ebola and it was under investigation. “The patient came with hemorrhagic fever and it is unfortunate that he died. The blood samples have been sent to Entebbe to confirm whether he died of Ebola or Marburg,” he said.

Dr Driwale explained that the patient had fever, headache, general body ache, yellowing of the eyes, bleeding from the nose and ears, was vomiting blood and was in a state of mental confusion. This, he said caused suspicion. “We had to use protective gear when treating and burying him. But people should be calm because the disease is not yet confirmed,” he added.

The man, from Kuluba Sub-county, was admitted after being unwell for three days.
Upon admission, he was quarantined. A team from Arua hospital was called in to help.
According to the doctors, the man had no recent history of travel to neighbouring DRC, South Sudan or Kampala.