Sunday March 30 2014

Suspected cannibal dies in police cells

By Issa Aliga

A suspect in a recent cannibalism case in Rakai District has died in police cells. The boda boda cyclist suspected to have been hired to transport the body parts of a woman and her child, is said to have committed suicide in police cells in Masaka.

Greater Masaka police spokesperson Noah Sserunjogi has confirmed to Daily Monitor that the suspect was found dead inside the toilet reportedly having hanged himself.

He was among six others arrested last Monday in connection with the disappearance of Peace Kyamukama and her baby who are said to have been killed and eaten by the suspects last Sunday night.

According to Mr Deus Bandihi, the husband to Kyamukama, the family was travelling from Lwennini village in Kyalulangira Sub-county, Rakai District when it became dark and they sought accommodation at the home of a local resident.

Mr Bandihi alleges that when they got to this home, they were given a mattress to sleep on but later in the night when the suspect arrived, he suggested to Kyamukama to get out of the house and get some dry banana leaves to improvise a sleeping place for the baby who he claimed would wet the mattress and make it dirty.

However, when Kyamukama went out, she was attacked and killed as she shouted for help.

Narrow escape
The same attackers cut Mr Bandihi on the head and on one of the hands before he fled to tell police. Peace and her nine-month-old baby have since not been seen.

Mr Sserunjogi told the Daily Monitor that the suspects have confessed to the police that they actually eat human flesh.

Mr Bandihi who is a resident of Kankamba village in Lwengo District insists his wife and baby were killed and eaten.