Friday January 10 2014

Suspected thieves kill two in Masaka

By Malik Fahad Jjingo

Masaka-A guard at St Jude Secondary School in Kimaanya-Kyabakuza Division, Masaka Municipality, has been killed and eleven computers and other school equipment stolen.
Godfrey Omara was hit with a blunt object, believed to be a hammer, on the head and was found dead in the school compound.

The school, which opened two years ago, belongs to Ms Mary Babirye Kabanda, the headmistress of Blessed Sacrament Kimaanya Secondary School and a member of the Buganda Lukiiko.

According to the Masaka District police commander, Mr Henry Kavuma, a fellow guard at the school, Mr Julius Sserugo, has been arrested to help the police with investigations.

Man killed on roadside
In a related development, the body of a 40-year-old man, has been found lying in a pool of blood on a road in Kimaanya A Zone in Masaka Municipality.

No clue has so far been obtained about who killed Katongole Gonzaga.
Kantongole was reportedly ambushed on his way back home from a local bar and he is said to have been robbed of all his personal valuables.

In the last year alone, there were four reported cases of security guards killed on duty by robbers who in all the cases took guns from the victims before robbing large sums of money from the places they were guarding.