Tuesday July 1 2014

Swiss national arrested with a gun in Kampala



Police in Kampala is holding a Switzerland national who was arrested Monday night in Gaba with a pistol after threatening to shoot at Mr Robert Muchunguzi, a procurement officer in the prime Minister’s office.

According to the Kampala metropolitan Police spokesperson Mr Patrick Onyango, Mr Ulirich Meyer, 63, was found with a Pistol when police went to search his Hotel room in Konge.

He said that Mr Meyer made contradictory statements on interrogation before being taken to Kabalagala Police Station where he is being held at the moment as investigations are going on.

“On interrogation, he first said he is a tourist based in Apach, then the second time he said he stayed with his girlfriend in Bukasa. when we interrogated him the third time, he said he wanted to open up a car Garage in Gaba,”Mr Onyango said while speaking to journalists this morning, at Kabalagala Police Station.

Mr Onyango said Mr Meyer’s case is being handled by police under file number REF: SD 19/30/6/24 as investigations continue .He said Mr Meyer would be charged with illegal possession of fire arms and threatening violence.

Mr Muchunguzi said he was going to pick his child from school when the suspect asked him to reverse his car in the middle of the road. He said that he refused saying it was against the traffic rules which caused a quarrel between them before Mr Meyer pulled out the gun.

“He put me at gun point and gave me two minutes to reverse my car threatening to shoot me if I did not, “Mr Muchunguzi told journalists on Tuesday at Kabalagala Police station.

Mr Meyer whose records reportedly show he had spent two weeks in the country did not deny the charges against him. He said he had committed the crime out of anger and did not know what he was doing.

However, Mr Onyango could not explain how the suspect could have entered the country in possession of a fire arm without being detected by security at the airport. But cautioned all foreigners in possession of fire arms to give them in to police and start processing documents for them.

This comes a day after police spokesperson; Mr Fred Enanga issued a police statement assuring the public of safety at Entebbe International airport and all other airfields in the country.