Thursday September 14 2017

Teacher arrested for caning pupils

Ordered for arrest. Lyantonde District

Ordered for arrest. Lyantonde District Education Officer Medard Byarugaba (right) speaks to pupils of Ronald Ruta Nursery and Primary School on Tuesday. PHOTO BY GERTRUDE MUTYABA 


LYANTONDE. Police in Lyantonde District are holding a primary school teacher for allegedly caning pupils during holiday coaching.
The 26-year-old teacher attached to Ronald Ruta Nursery and Primary School was arrested on Tuesday on the orders of the Lyantonde District Education Officer (DEO), Mr Medard Byarugaba, after he caught her beating pupils on allegations that they write poorly.
Mr Byarugaba, who was on a routine inspection of schools with the district inspector of schools, Ms Anne Byarutinda, asked the teacher why she was beating up children.
However, the teacher ignored him. This annoyed the DEO, who later ordered a police officer to arrest her.
“She always beat us. Today (Tuesday) she has beaten three of us claiming that we write poorly,” Marvin Katibwa, one of the pupils, said.
Reagan Kimera, another pupil, said there is a room at the school where they are confined and teachers, including the headmaster, torture them.
“The teachers put us in a specific room they named ‘Nalufenya’ where they beat us. We also spend several hours without attending classes,” Kimera added.
Drake Ninsiima, another victim said he broke his hand after was beaten by the arrested teacher. and his hand got broken.
Mr Byarugaba condemned the teachers’ acts, saying corporal punishment is prohibited in schools.
“You are conducting coaching during holidays and also giving corporal punishment to the pupils, all this is illegal,” he said. He added: “After gathering enough information from the pupils, we are going to investigate the ‘Nalufenya’ room where pupils are tortured and if found true, the school will face closure.”