Teachers demand arrears

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Posted  Sunday, April 13   2014 at  20:23

Teachers under Uganda National Teachers Union will today camp at their respective district headquarters to demand for unpaid salaries and arrears.

Mr James Tweheyo, the Unatu general secretary, asked the affected teachers from Kampala, Wakiso and Bushenyi districts to report to their respective chief administrative officers, to get an official communication as to why they are not being paid for their services.
At least 7,500 teachers from the three districts have not received their salaries in the last three months.

“This is rather unfortunate teachers are suffering due to laxity of some officials. Unatu therefore calls upon all teachers who have not been paid to report to the office of their respective chief administrative officers and demand their pay,” Mr Tweheyo said on Friday.

His remarks come a month after Ms Adah Muwanga, the Public Service Ag permanent secretary, assured civil servants that government would clear all their arrears.

However, in Kampala, teachers held a meeting with Kampala Capital City Authority management yesterday where they agreed that they would receive their pay this week. Kampala has 3,550 teachers affected.

“They have explained that they were cleaning up the teachers’ records and thus the delays,” Mr Experito K. Kisseka, a teacher at St Peter’s Primary Nsambya told journalists at a news conference in Kampala.

Ms Jennifer Kaggwa, the KCCA director Human resource, said the delays for Kampala were caused by the payroll clean up, after it was realised that many transferred teachers were still receiving payments both in their former and current schools.

Out of the Shs450b earmarked in the 2014/15 budget for the proposed pay raise for civil servants, teachers who have been pushing for a 20 per cent salary rise will only share Shs1.3b.

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