Monday August 18 2014

Teachers fail to sing anthem, minister amazed


KAMPALA- Any teacher by any standard is expected to know the National Anthem given the fact that they guide students sing it daily during school assemblies.

But it was a rude shock for Higher Education State minister Dr John C. Muyingo to learn that scores of teachers at the function just mumbled and could hardly sing the three stanzas of the National Anthem.

This was during a head teachers’ leadership forum in Kampala at the weekend organised by Brac Uganda under the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme.

“It is really a shame that a good number of you [teachers] can’t sing the National Anthem. This clearly shows that our learners will also take long to grasp the three stanzas of the anthem,” the minister said.

“Every teacher must memorise and understand all the stanzas to avoid embarrassment at school and national functions,” he added.

The minister said teachers are supposed to be role models in everything because society is expected to learn a lot from them.

Majority of Ugandans are used to signing one stanza at national functions where the President is not in attendance, and only two stanzas at functions he attends.

However, government in 2012 resolved that all three stanzas must be sung at all functions. The minister applauded Brac Uganda and the MasterCard Foundation for rejuvenating the culture of mentorship in schools, a move he said would help the country to achieve Vision 20140.

“As a country, we need to invest in the young generation .We want meaningful development, but this will only be achieved if we educate young people,” he said.

Beneficiaries under this programme are placed in top schools like St Marys College Kisubi, Nabisunsa Girls, Kings College, Budo among others . To date,2,309 students are benefiting from the programme in 91 schools across the country .

Mr Abdul K Mozumder, Brac Uganda representative, said the organisation will select the third unit of 2,000 beneficiaries next month and girls will be given first priority to improve the gender disparity.