There are thieves in NRM, says RDC

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By  Bill Oketch

Posted  Friday, February 7   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

RDC praised the opposition for their role in the fight against corruption.

APAC- Resident District Commisioner Dauda Yasiin Kasibante, has lauded the opposition on their fight against corruption in the country.

Speaking at the opening of an experience sharing meeting for District Local Government Public Accounts Committee members of Apac, Oyam and Kole districts in Lira on Wednesday, Mr Kasibante observed that the opposition has been at the fore front in the fight against corruption in the NRM government.

He added that the current mess being experienced in the country was not there in the past governments, but there are some thieves who are in the system at the moment and they are stealing.

“I salute the Chairperson of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, Mr Kasiano Wadri, he is a real (patriotic) Ugandan. NRM as a party is missing out on real Ugandans,” he said.

“Primitive greed for wealth by those in positions of leadership,” the RDC said, is killing the nation.

The Executive director Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition , Mr Tom Superman Opwonya, said the issue of accountability on the side of service providers has remained a big challenge in the country.

“Services are not reaching the intended communities as programmes and in the end the local man on the ground looses out in getting the basics,” Mr Opwonya noted.

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