Thursday August 21 2014

Three Year- old girl electrocuted in Gulu Police Barracks

Courtesy Illustration

Courtesy Illustration 

By James Owich & Julius Ocungi

Grief engulfed residents of police Barracks in Pece Division Gulu Municipality on Wednesday morning, when a three year-old girl Dorothy Acayo, was found dead at Gulu Police Barracks quarters.

Acayo, who had gone to ease herself in the morning hours, after the heavy night down pour, is believed to have been electrocuted when she accidentally touched an electric wire that had been wrongly connected and flowing with high electric current.

According to Acayo’s father Mr Robert Engola, a police constable attached to Gulu Central Police Station, the deceased had gone out to ease herself at around 6:51 am, but took long to return to the house and this prompted a search for her.

“I waited for long for her return, but in vain. When I went out to check, I found her lying helpless near a house that was submerged with rain water,” says Mr Engola.

“I believe that she could have been electrocuted, when she touched the house that had since been lectrocuting people, whenever one touches it due to its bad wire connections,” added Mr Engola.

Aswa Regional Police Spokesperson, Jimmy Patrick Okema , confirmed the incident and admitted it was due to bad electric wirings that was allegedly done way back in the colonial times.

Mr Okema, added that, the house had been wired with worn out naked cables that were installed during the British colonial era.
Mr Okema, noted that some of the old naked electric wires at the moment are putting the lives of police officers in the barracks at high risk, since they have taken long without repair.

“We have houses most especially the Uniports, that are build with zinc metals , they are posing threats to many lives in the barracks since they are good conductors of electricity ,” added Mr Okema.

Mr Okema further explained, that most of the houses occupied by police have been wired by either by the officers themselves or unqualified electricians at subsidized charges, thus increasing risks.

Umeme engineer who visited the scene and spoke on conditions of anonymity, warned that similar incident is likely to occur in future if new cables are not installed.

Gulu Police Barracks houses were built during the British colonial era and most of them at moment have never been rehabilitated living them unfit for settlement.