Friday July 25 2014

Thugs kill cattle distributed under restocking programme

Residents plough with bulls in Gulu District recently.

Residents plough with bulls in Gulu District recently. The cattle restocking project is aimed at improving the livelihood of residents. Several cattle distributed to residents under restocking programme have been killed by unknown assailants. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OKELLO 

By Josline Adiru

Gulu- Unscrupulous people who have not benefitted from the ongoing cattle restocking programme in Acholi have resorted to killing livestock given to other residents, leaders in the sub-region have said.

Speaking to journalists at a press briefing in Gulu Town recently, the Gulu District Veterinary Officer, Dr Tony Aliro, said three animals distributed under the restocking project were killed after they were hit with iron bars by unknown assailants in Uyama sub-county.

Jealousy cited
“We suspect that envious locals in the communities might have killed the animals. We suspect that some individuals who did not benefit are the ones frustrating the project,” Dr Aliro said.

Amuru District Veterinary Officer Baturumayo Okonga said the killings of the animals might have been caused by rumours been circulating among residents that the selection processes for beneficiaries of the exercise was not fair.

“Some unscrupulous people have fuelled the acts of revengeful killings of the animals,” Dr Okonga said.

The Shs5 billion cattle restocking programme was recently launched by government in Acholi, Lango, West Nile and Teso sub-regions which lost livestock during insurgencies and rustling by Karimojong warriors.