Thursday March 17 2016

Toilet crisis hits Supreme Court

By By Anthony Wesaka, Isaac Imaka & Ivan Okuda


Lawyers , journalist and the general public that are attending the ongoing presidential election petition challenging the victory of President Museveni, have been asked to go to the neighbourhood to answer to nature's call after the water system in the court washrooms broke down.

“Can I have your attention please? Sorry you will have to bear with us as the toilets can’t be used because there is a water break down.” announced the registrar of the court Mr Tom Chemutai “but we are working hard to see that the water supply system is restored…”

Adding: “in the meantime, you can go out in the neighborhood to answer a nature call.”
To that effect, notices were put on the closed doors to the toilets telling down of how the toilets are out of use.

Since the neighborhood is purely an affluent Kampala upscale residential area, the court litigants who sit until 6pm, could face serious challenges in answering nature calls. The opposite neighborhood has Protea Hotel, and then slightly ahead, there is the Kololo air strip.

The Registrar of the court made the shocking announcement as court broke off for a 30 minutes break at 4pm. This was in the presence of the Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana and the Solicitor General, Mr Francis Atooke.

There has been a water crisis at the same court for the last three days with court litigants hardly washing their hands after answering the nature call, a scenario that could lead to the outbreak of diseases.