Monday August 25 2014

Transport experiences from people across Kampala

Stranded passengers in Kyengera

Stranded passengers in Kyengera. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU 

This Morning, many woke up to an unusual scenery of very low traffic- without congestion and stranded commuters on Kampala streets as city transporters start their peaceful demonstration.

Transport operators want KCCAUG to stop Tapscom (fees collector) because they "harass and extort money" from them.

Meanwhile, there are so many people stranded on the road sides and this morning, we asked them to share experiences on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp):


0779218964: We were many at Bukoto Stage, no taxis until after a long time a taxi came with five free seats. It had no conductor, just a driver and some passengers. So a passenger opened for us and we entered with out asking for the fare. We were all thinking it would be shs10,000. He (driver) finally asked for shs2000 compared to the usual shs1500.

0751161052: I have gone back to my blanket, because there are no taxis to board for work.

0705573396: I am Isaac in Kireka. An hour ago it was flooded by people waiting for taxis. There are very few taxis, and they are asking for shs3000 to town.

0705479382: Here in Nakawa there is no single taxi, people are stranded. Those concerned should take action.


Samwise Gamgee ‏@Sambannz 26m
Been in ataxi,5per seat and all the traffic officer told the Driver was "Naye Batwaale Mpoola mpoola" #TransportUpdate @DailyMonitor.

Ian Kenn Mugambe @Ian_Kenn · 1h
#Transport update @DailyMonitor, seeing countless bicycles along Gayaza road filing the gap created by the taxi/boda strike!

SassyChild ‏@Tyldakchardress 17m
"@Sambannz: Its high time the UPDF took over the Transport sector #TaxiStrike @DailyMonitor #TransportUpdate"yo e taxi conductor

Samwise Gamgee ‏@Sambannz 25m
Taxi was loading excess and some guy was like excess is too much,other passengers told him "Gwe Vvamu" #TransportUpdates @DailyMonitor

Godfrey S Kyedza ‏@kyedza  38m

@DailyMonitor @Ian_Kenn My side of Gayaza village: a lady who normally boards at 2:30am waited from 3am till she got a ride at 6:35am :-(

Elison Twinomugisha ‏@elisonten 42m
@DailyMonitor it normally costs 1500 from zana to town but this guy with his Noah is giving us a lift at he says just 5000 #TransportUpdate

pamlove Africanwoman ‏@pamlovekokunda 1h
@DailyMonitor walking to Busenga from taxis at bypass...The few r for muscled pipo

One of the few Taxis on duty. PHOTO BY JOSEPH

One of the few Taxis on duty. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU


Mirembe Kuldah: Am on my neigbor's mercy who owns a car.. He gets to hs workplace i think @ 10am! Am squarting @ his place til he givs me a ride! I'l explain to my boses hop they undstand!

Nibs Birungi: we are in a taxi but no one knows the fare. no conductor, just the driver en passengers. what if he charges us 10 k from bukoto to town??

Katto Alfred Ntorogwa: on my stage we are more than 30pple banange wts happening

Rebecca Kyokusiima: Where r d yellow buses? They shd come n do d needful

Silver Ahimbisibwe: Thank God for social media. When i read about the strike in the wee hours of the morning, i didn't bother getting out of bed as i knew it wd be too difficult to reach the capital by public means.

Steven Ibula Babone: I have footed from Mutungo to the city.
Jackson Vahaviraki: No taxi today from Nsambya to kpla we don't know why!!! we are waiting

Caroline Ahimbisibwe: Here At Kuleekaana Stage On Salaama Munyonyo Road, Taxi Mirrors Ave Been Smashed By Drivers On Strike

Mugowa Herbert: I Left Home Nansana With My Usual Fare Transport In A Taxi To Jenina. But I Failed To Get One. I Wanted To Foot But It Wasn't Easy. I Had To Hire A Motore Cycle And Paid From My Plance Of Work.

Yeka William: I left my place at 6am, reached Wandegeya stage 15minutes later and it was as empty as adesert yet i just had 1000shs to take me to and fro work. Since i needed to be in office early, i spent my 1K for aboda boda. Now thinking of footing back home this evening.

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