Monday August 11 2014

Turkish farmers to boost dairy farming


Turkish dairy farmers have agreed to work with their counterparts in Kamuli to improve dairy farming in the district.
Through the Turkish Technical Assistance Team (Tika), the farmers will provide technical assistance to members of the Kamuli Dairy Farmers Association.

Addressing a joint meeting last week, the chairperson of Tika, Mr Celalettin Gungenci, said Kamuli has huge potential coupled with farmers’ enthusiasm which can be realised to improve quality, quantity and standards of products.

“We are here to help dairy farmers improve milk production and quality, access market and have it contribute to the school feeding and nutrition of children as future citizens,” Mr Gungenci said.

According to Mr Moses Nyonyintondo, the project coordinator, the technical support includes providing milk coolers, training farmers, providing vaccines and exchange visits between the two groups.

“We are farmers struggling from scratch, so when you offer extra effort and expertise, it will find willing partners,” the chairperson of the Kamuli Dairy Farmer’s Association, Dr David Kazungu, said.
Dairy farming in the eastern region mainly faces low farm-gate prices offered to farmers, especially during the peak season in relation to the costs of inputs.

According to a 2010 study by Dairy Development Authority, Uganda loses $23 million (Shs60 billion) annually because of milk spillage due to contamination.