Saturday February 8 2014

Two more Rwandan fugitives ‘disappear’



Two Rwandan dissidents who had been granted refugee status in Uganda have mysteriously disappeared, sparking suspicion that they could have been kidnapped and taken back to Rwanda where they are wanted for trial by the government.

Mr Charles Sande, a captain in Rwandan Defence Forces and former military signaler of Defence Minister Gen James Kabareebe and Mr Christopher Busigo, who was a pastor in Rwanda, went missing on Monday.
Mr Sande’s wife told Saturday Monitor that her husband left home saying he was going to meet a friend in town but never returned.

“He was always living in hiding because of harassment from the Rwandan intelligence operatives who were trailing him. His phones have been off since then,” she said.

Mr Sande and Mr Busigo are reported to be among the seven refugees the Rwanda government wanted extradited to Kigali to stand trial for crimes they allegedly committed before they fled the country. Their lawyer, Mr Ladislus Rwakafuzi, said yesterday that the two Rwandan nationals had told him they feared for their lives.

Mr Sande and Mr Busigo have been friends and were always moving together. Two week ago, the UNHCR in Geneva protested the request by Rwanda to have the refugees extradited. When contacted, the Rwandan Ambassador in Uganda, Maj Gen Frank Mugambagye, said he could not discuss issues of refugees on phone.