Friday August 22 2014

Two policemen disagree, shoot themselves dead

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo 


Two police officers on Thursday night died after they reportedly opened fire on themselves over an unclear disagreement at Nebbi police station.

The situation has remained tense with most of the activities paralyzed at the police station this morning. The OC Station, Mr Gimton Aguta, said on Friday morning that the incident occurred when Assistant Police Constable, Mr Francis Abayo, returned from his deployment base and shot dead Mr Lawrence Bila at the police counter.

“He (Abayo) signed for his gun in the evening for deployment at Nebbi district local government offices which is adjacent to the police station. But he later returned at midnight and shot his colleague and a policewoman who is now in critical condition at Nebbi hospital,” he said.

Mr Aguta said the policeman Abayo later shot himself dead and the gunshots left residents at the barracks scampering for their lives.
“The station was disconnected off power and was in darkness at the time of the incident,” added Mr Aguta.

The police officers from the regional station in Arua who arrived at the scene were all left puzzled after preliminary investigations indicated that the officer suspected to have opened fire was not drunk. However, local leaders in the area are blaming it on lack of professionalism among the policemen in the area.