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Posted  Thursday, June 13   2013 at  17:48


Your Excellency the President,
Your Excellency the Vice President,
The Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament,
His Lordship the Chief Justice,
The Right Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament,
The Right Hon. Prime Minister,
The Right Hon. Leader of the Opposition
Honourable Ministers,
Honourable Members of Parliament,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen.


1. Madam Speaker, in fulfillment of Article 155(1) of the Constitution and in exercise of the powers delegated to me by H.E the President, I beg to move that Parliament resolves itself into a Committee of Supply to consider: i. The Revised Revenue and Expenditure Estimates for the Financial Year 2012/2013; and

ii. Proposals for the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the Financial Year 2013/2014

2. Madam Speaker, in March this year, Uganda’s long-term collective development aspirations as embodied in the Vision 2040, was launched by His Excellency the President. Vision 2040 provides a  roadmap to transform Uganda from a low income to a modern middle income country within 30 years. Vision 2040 requires a fundamental change on the way of doing things by Government and the Private Sector, to unlock the binding constraints to Uganda’s progress.

3. Madam Speaker, there are no quick answers to the challenges that face us today. The economic and social challenges we are working to address happened over several years and will take time to resolve. This requires patience and coordination. The Financial Year 2013/14 Budget seeks to continue towards socio-economic transformation, one step at a time.

4. Madam Speaker, consistent with our National Development Plan, the ruling Movement Party Manifesto and in pursuit of the Vision 2040, the theme for next financial year’s budget is The Journey Continues: Towards Socio-Economic Transformation for Uganda”. The Financial Year 2013/14 Budget, like the one last year, will continue to focus on translating the Government’s strategic priorities into practice over the next year. Scarce resources have must allocated to reflect key Government strategic priorities within existing resource constraints.


5. Madam Speaker, the interventions that I pronounced last year sought to restore macro-economic stability, accelerate infrastructure development, increase agricultural production and productivity,  improve the business climate, and achieve better service delivery, particularly in education and health. A detailed report of sector performance during the last year is provided in the Financial Year 2013/14 Background to the Budget. I wish to highlight the progress achieved in key areas.

6. Madam Speaker, the economy rebounded significantly growing at 5.1% last year. Inflation subsided and was recorded at 3.6% as at end-May 2013, a marked reduction from double digits at the start of the financial year. The volatility of the Uganda exchange rate subsided and currently averages around U. Shs. 2575.

7. Government registered significant progress in the implementation of budget for financial year now ending. In the works and transport sector, 845 kms of several national roads were fully or substantially completed; or have their construction on schedule. Construction of a further 88 km of national roads will commence shortly having had their contracts signed. In addition, the designs for 723 kms of several national roads has been completed, and procurement for contractors will commence. The rehabilitation of the Marine Vessel Kaawa was completed during the year, and now operates between Port Bell and Mwanza.

8. Madam Speaker, in the Energy Sector, the 250 MW Bujagali Hydropower project was fully commissioned during the financial year. In addition a number of small renewable hydropower projects delivering a total of 68.5 MW to the national grid have been commissioned. A total of total of 2,322 km of transmission lines were laid under several Rural Electrification schemes.

9. Madam Speaker, during the year, over 35,000 farmers directly benefited from provision of improved maize seed, in addition to accessing inputs such as fertilizers, under the commodity approach. Furthermore, a total of 13,486 kg of foundation seed for Arabica coffee, beans, maize and rice, were distributed to seed companies and farmer groups. To enhance irrigation for water for production, the rehabilitation of all the three irrigation scheme of Mubuku, Doho and Agoro is substantially complete.

10. Madam Speaker in order to improve accessibility to tourist sites, road access to several tourist areas is being rehabilitated. In order to enhance hospitality standards, 20 East-African Community - accredited hotel assessors were trained and the inspection of hotels accommodation was completed, to enable hotel grading and classification to be undertaken next financial year. The Hotel Training Institute at Jinja also had 390 students graduated in May 2013.

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