Monday May 19 2014

UMI starts training Somali civil servants in Mogadishu

By Monitor reporter


Uganda Management Institute has started a 10-day training of at least 80 Somali civil servants in public administration and management in Mogadishu as part of Somali government efforts to revamp the sector after 20 years of conflict.

A statement issued by African Union Information Mission in Somalia (Amisom), said the training is part of a contract between UMI and African Union to help Somalia build government institutions.
Mr Ssebirumbi Kisinziggo, an AMISOM senior political affairs officer, said in Mogadishu that the training will provide the Somali civil service necessary skills to run government.

“The civil service is the nerve of any given state. They implement the policies created by governments and take them to the grassroots,” the statement said.
“It is crucial to extend knowledge to this group of people to act as a liberating tool for them to serve their country more efficiently,” the statement added.

Dr Gerald Kagambirwe Karyeija, the acting Dean School of Management Sciences at UMI, said it is only the Somalis who will reconstruct their country.
“The people of Somalia understand their culture, geography, and history and are in the best position to reconstruct their own institutions,” he said in Somalia.