Saturday April 12 2014

UN probes Uganda over North Korea police deal


The United Nations Security Council has opened investigations into alleged collaboration between Uganda and North Korea which is under UN sanctions.
The UN investigations follow the signing of an agreement between Internal Affairs ministers of Uganda and North Korea.

According to a Security Council document reference number S/2014/147 of March 6, 2014, a UN panel of experts want Ugandan authorities to furnish them with information about the details of the training North Korea is providing to the Uganda Police Force.

“In January 2014, the panel requested further information on the exact nature of the training provided, particularly to the Ugandan Police Special Force,” the document reads in part.

North Korean military officers are training the Ugandan police and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces especially in marine skills, martial arts, medical, construction and criminal investigation.

The UN resolutions 1874 of 2009 and 1718 of 2006 stops North Korea from exporting arms, providing military training and military equipment to any UN member state.
The investigations seek to establish whether North Korea’s provision of training to Uganda’s armed forces does not violate the UN sanctions.