UNAA leader calls for unity

The association’s president says differences in opinion should not divert members from the mission of a more united and vibrant association.

Tuesday June 17 2014

UNAA president Brian M.Kwesiga.

UNAA president Brian M.Kwesiga. Monitor photo 


KAMPALA- Disagreements at the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) will not affect the operations of the organisation, Mr Brian M. Kwesiga, the president of the association has said.

In a statement on the current state of the association, Mr Kwesiga said while some members of the UNAA Council decided to abandon their legislative duty by not meeting with any of the other UNAA Council members they disagreed with, his executive team has continued to function as an effective unit and will remain doing so.

“For several months now, a section of UNAA’s leadership has expressed their continued opposition to the election of a single youth representative to the UNAA Council and a commitment by the National Executive to carry out a comprehensive audit of UNAA’s Finances for the last five to seven years as demanded by UNAA’s membership,” Mr Kwesiga said.

He said differences in opinion should not divert members from the mission of a more united and vibrant association.

“We on the Executive Committee believe that any disagreements we may have should never cloud or be allowed to become an obstacle to our commitment to meet and exceed the needs of UNAA’s membership and the friends of UNAA.”
UNAA will organise its 26th Annual Convention at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla Hotel in the US on August 31.

Mr Kwesiga noted that the UNAA leadership had taken a decisive, swift and transparent action to protect UNAA’s finances after the treasurer allegedly breached his duty of diligently exercising his obligations to UNAA.

“We understand our actions will come across as contentious but we also know we are expected to deliver exceptional results and not explanations and mediocre excuses,” he said.

In a statement released by UNAA executive, they proclaimed that the future of the association is brighter and better, despite reports that its headed for collapse.

Read the full statement below:

Anyone following recent activities and discussions within the UNAA community would have cause to think that the organization is in eminent danger of demise. However this could not be any further from the truth. The fact is that UNAA is undergoing yet another metamorphosis of a sort it has undergone many times before and will, as always, emerge bigger, better and stronger.

UNAA’s membership remains solidly behind its elected and completely functional Executive Committee, as evidenced by the record registrations for the 26th Annual UNAA Convention at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla Hotel, August 29th – August 31st 2014.

The recent posting purported to be from a section of UNAA’s Board of Trustees is but pure political posturing in response to the significant gains and advances UNAA’s new executive team have registered and its continued commitment for a full audit of UNAA’s finances over the last several 5 – 7 years as a start. This is a typical growth symptom a diverse and large Ugandan association like UNAA will experience from time to time. In this case however it’s unfortunate because the content and spirit of the letter were devoid of the slightest ingredients of truth and appeared to be attempts to conceal potentially fraudulent activity.

Over the past 14 years, several individuals and groups have attempted to emulate the success of UNAA. Rival organizations have been started and conventions hosted. But in each and every instance UNAA emerged bigger, stronger and better. Please allow us to explain.
UNAA has experienced and survived 4 major potentially cataclysmic events in its 26-year existence.

1. In 2000, the then UNAA leadership took the annual UNAA convention to Uganda. In so doing, the organization left a vacuum back in North America which resulted in the formation of two new competing organizations. All three organizations hosted conventions the following year in different cities and the organizers of all three conventions suffered significant financial losses. The future of UNAA lay in the balance. A flurry of negotiations in the ensuing months saw a very chaste, but once again united organization and there was only one convention in 2002 – the UNAA Convention. However, there was a very noticeable departure of some prominent members who never returned to the organization

2. The process of organizing the 2006 UNAA convention in New York was so contentious that the organizing committee literally split in two and both groups proceeded to host separate competing functions in the same city over the same weekend. Here also both groups suffered significant financial losses and UNAA suffered the permanent departure of yet another segment of its membership

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