UPC man found guilty of electoral offences

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Mr Kanusu

Mr Kanusu 

By  Abubaker Kirunda

Posted  Friday, June 20   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

UPC stalwart disrupted elections that were won by NRM’s Fred Gume in 2011.

Jinja- Mr Robert Kanusu, a former press secretary of Uganda Peoples’ Congress party president Olara Otunnu has been found guilty and convicted on three electoral offences that he has been battling since 2011.

Mr Kanusu was found guilty of disrupting elections, assault and causing malicious damage to Electoral Commission materials.

Reading out the judgment on Wednesday afternoon, Jinja Chief Magistrate Susan Kanyange sentenced Kanusu to either serve two years in jail or pay a fine of Shs800,000 for the charge of disrupting the elections.

The Magistrate also sentenced Mr Kanusu to either serve one and half years in jail or pay a fine of Shs800,000 as punishment for causing malicious damage to EC materials.

On the third count of assault, he was sentenced to a fine of Shs300,000.

In passing the sentence, Ms Kanyange pointed out that the evidence that had been provided by the then district police commander, Mr Jonathan Musinguzi, had sufficed to prove him guilty on all the three offenses.

Court directed that he serves the terms concurrently but Kanusu had by the close of business on Wednesday paid the fine.

Mr Kanusu’s lawyers have however said that despite the fact that their client had paid the fine, they would appeal the sentence.

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