Thursday January 24 2013

UPDF say Kony is hiding in Darfur


The elusive leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army Joseph Kony is reportedly hiding in southern Darfur, Sudan, according to the army.

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the UPDF Chief of Defence Forces, says the rebel leader who has been on the move between Sudan, DR Congo and Central African Republic could be around Darfur  according to the army’s latest intelligence reports.

Gen. Aronda said the rebel leader has taken advantage of ungoverned areas in South Sudan where there is barely any governance structure. He explained that the LRA has eluded the UPDF and other forces due to the absence of transport infrastructure in the regions he is hiding.

He added that currently, the army estimates the LRA  to be about 200 guns strong with nearly 400 personnel comprising women and children.

He cited the recent killing of Brig.  Binany, one of Kony’s reported top commanders as a sign that the rebel leader could be close to capture, surrender or death.

Previously operating in the areas of northern Uganda where he wreaked havoc through murders, abductions, maiming and looting, Kony spread his terror through eastern Uganda to Southern Sudan, DR Congo and Central African Republic for a period stretching over twenty years.

The rebel leader has eluded capture or killing by the UPDF and joint forces including hundred US commandos who were dispatched to the region.