UWA blocks health centre in game park

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By Steven Ariong

Posted  Saturday, April 12   2014 at  01:00

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has blocked the construction of a government health centre in Nabwal parish in Lorengechora Sub-county, Napak District.

The health centre which was to cost Shs97 million and expected to serve 25,000 people was stopped by the senior UWA officials on account that it would be relocated in a game reserve.
Mr Adonia Bentora, the officer in charge of Mt Elgon Wildlife Zone, said UWA learnt that the district administration intended to construct the health centre in the protected area and later demand that it is de-gazetted as a wildlife area, a move he said would not be allowed.

Proper planning needed
“We don’t want any development in the protected area without proper planning because a lot has to be done including environmental impact assessment,” Mr Bentora said.

Napak District chairperson Joseph Lomonyang condemned UWA for blocking the construction and said it is a sabotage of the district development plans.
“What is annoying us as a district is UWA officials stopping the construction and drilling of a borehole in Nabwal without informing the district,” said Mr Lomonyang.

“Even if they knew that the borehole and the health centre were in the protected area, they should have first visited the district and sought a way forward,” he added.
Mr Jimmy Tebanyang, the district secretary for works, appealed to UWA to consider people’s lives rather than wild animals.

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