UWA petitioned as crocodiles kill 10 in five months

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Posted  Friday, May 23   2014 at  14:36

In Summary

“About twenty Crocodiles have been netted and killed by residents since January, but we cannot see any change because neither the number of attacks nor that of the reptiles seems to be reducing,” Mpimbaza Hashaka, RDC Namayingo

The Namayingo RDC, Mr Mbimbaza Hashaka, has said only drastic action by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to reduce the crocodile population in the waters of Lake Victoria will stem the rise in the number of deaths associated with crocodile attacks.

Speaking last week at a stakeholders sensitisation meeting on land registration for development in Busoga region, Mr Hashaka said the death toll from crocodile related attacks had shot up to 10 people since the year began, a scenario which he described as worrying.

The latest attack occurred on May 9 at Lugala Landing Site when Jennifer Ajambo, a 13-year-old pupil of Bichimu Primary School in Mutumba Sub-county, who had gone to fetch water was eaten up by a crocodile. Her body parts were found floating on the water.

Mr Hashaka said residents have been making frantic efforts to fight and kill the reptiles but their rudimentary methods have not been equal to the task.

The Namayingo District Woman MP, Ms Margaret Makhokha, told a recent sitting of Parliament that the district water coverage stands at 24 per cent, yet it has to be shared with animals.

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