Friday May 23 2014

Uganda hands over leadership of international satellite body

By Monitor Reporter

Mr John Nasasira, the Minister for Information and Communications Technology, was on Wednesday replaced by Mr Santaigo Borda of Canada as the Assembly of Parties of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (ITSO) chairman.

Uganda has been at the helm of ITSO for two years. ITSO is an intergovernmental organisation charged with overseeing the public service obligations of Intelsat Ltd. Uganda is among the 150 member states that work to ensure that Intelsat provides public telecommunications services, including voice, data and video on a global and non-discriminatory basis.
“Today, I’m very grateful to be able to turn over the reins of leadership to the incoming chairman representing the Party of Canada, with ITSO in such a strong position to meet the challenges of the future,”Mr Nasasira said in Washington on Wednesday.

“Uganda has been an active member of ITSO and as a country, we have benefited greatly from such discourses, hence been able to develop our communications sector,” he added.

Satellite technology is a key complement in terms of the technologies for implementing broadband. Satellite technology is not only a complementary technology in the 26 landlocked African countries but also provides access to international telecommunications should there be a failure of the link to the international submarine fibre optic cable systems.