Sunday July 27 2014

Uganda to get specialised liver clinic



Doctors from India’s Health Care Global Hospital (HCG) have said they will set up a liver diagnostic clinic and information centre in Kampala, and later a transplant clinic to handle all liver related illnesses.
Upon establishment, the clinic will be the first liver treatment facility in Uganda.
Dr Basant Mahadevappa, a liver transplant surgeon at HCG hospital, made the revelations while speaking to journalists in Kampala last week.
Mr Mahadevappa said they were compelled to establish such facilities in Uganda after seeing for a long time many Ugandans being taken to India for liver operations, which would not have required surgery if they had been diagnosed and treated early.
He said the information and diagnostic clinic could be set up in the next three months and that the plan to establish the clinic follows a successful operation of Mr Fredric Kiyingi.
Mr Kiyingi, an employee of Peace Corps, an NGO, underwent a successful liver transplant surgery at HCG. The transplant was realised after his son, Laurin Baalu, 18, offered to give him a portion of his liver.
According to Dr Basant, the clinic will be equipped with another set of the state-of- the-art equipment to be able to handle liver transplant surgeries to reduce the number of patients flying to India for the line treatment.

“Once the centre is fully fledged, patients will only travel if they have to. We shall also install a tele-centre with technology permitting communications between patients and our staff in India. This means a doctor in India will be able to examine and diagnose a patient in Uganda via a camera unit,” he said