Tuesday May 13 2014

Unqualified finance officers to lose jobs

By David Kazungu

Mbale- Chief finance officers (CFOs), whose academic qualifications do not measure up to the required standard, are at risk of being sacked if they do not update their credentials in two years’ time.

Mr Francis Okori, an assistant commissioner in the Ministry of Local Government, said the decision was made because the level of accounting of most CFOs does not measure up to the standards of professional accounting.

“Unfortunately, most of the accounting officers are working in acting capacity because they are not qualified, a situation that has affected the standard of professional accounting in urban local governments. The law on this is clear and we must not breach it,” Mr Okori said, while addressing CFOs from all over the country in Mbale Town at the weekend.

He explained that any accounting officer in the Local Government ministry must be a certified public accountant and that if the period given for them to attain an accounting certificate expires, those who will not have attained it will be sacked.

Mr Richard Mabala, Mbale’s CFO, told Daily Monitor that the workshop was intended to develop a mechanism to improve professional accounting as a prerequisite for fighting corruption in local governments.

“The public has always alleged that we financial managers embezzle public funds. So we gathered here to discuss such incidences and also devise measures to minimise corrupt tendencies,” Mr Mabala said.