Friday January 17 2014

Victims, parents connive to let defilers walk free - police


Iganga- Victims of defilement have been colluding with their parents to let suspected defilers off the hook, Iganga District police commander Herbert Nuwagaba, has revealed.

Addressing a recent stakeholders’ meeting that was convened at the district council chambers to create awareness in the fight against crime, Mr Nuwagaba said in other cases, some parents have been sending their daughters out to lure men into having sex with them in order to extort money from the said men.

Mr Nuwagaba also accused some parents of colluding with the victims to let suspected defilers walk free.

“A number of cases are dying because when we arrest a suspected defiler, the girls protect them. Many girls deny knowledge of the suspects when brought at the police station and they tell us they have their own boyfriends who are very far,” Mr Nuwagaba said.

Girls deny being victims
Mr Nuwagaba gave an example of a man who was recently caught red-handed defiling a 14-year-old girl in Nakalama village, but to the investigators’ shock, the girl claimed that she had been caught having intercourse with a different person forcing the police to release the suspected defiler.

“People complain that police release suspects but for this case what could we have done when the prime witness (the girl) tells us that it was a different person who had been defiling her?” Nuwagaba wondered.

At the same meeting, the acting commissioner of police in charge of community policing, Mr Stephen Musoke, revealed that 126 girls, mostly between the ages of 14 and 15 were defiled in Iganga District in the last quarter of 2013.

Mr Musoke, who blamed persistence of the cases on drug abuse and weak laws which do not provide for punitive action against the perpetrators, said most of the cases had been registered during school holidays.

He said that the problem has been aggravated by failure by members of the public to report suspected criminals to police.