Monday September 1 2014

Wambuzi vows to snatch Kyabazinga throne from Gabula

The Ssabalangira (Chief Prince) of Busoga, Daudi Kaunhe Wakooli, hands over a spear, shield and drum to Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi

The Ssabalangira (Chief Prince) of Busoga, Daudi Kaunhe Wakooli, hands over a spear, shield and drum to Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi on Friday. Kaunhe declared him the rightful Kyabazinga of Busoga. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER KIRUNDA 


Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi has vowed to storm the Busoga Kingdom offices in Bugembe and take possession of the premises and throne.
“I call upon all the Basoga to remain calm because very soon I am storming Bugembe to repossess my office. I reaffirm that we shall be in Bugembe in a few days’ time,” he said.

The Prince made the remarks on Friday while speaking at his home in Nakabango where the Ssabalangira of Busoga, Chief Daudi Kaunhe Wakooli, who also doubles as the Chairman of the Busoga Royal Chiefs’ Council, handed over to him instruments of power, which included a shield, a spear and a drum.

Wambuzi’s declaration come six days after 10 members of the Busoga Royal Chiefs Council voted his main rival, Prince William Nadiope Gabula IV unopposed as the new Kyabazinga of Busoga and 4 days after the Busoga Lukiiko endorsed him as the Kyabazinga of Busoga.

However, Wambuzi who had earlier been controversially elected the Kyabazinga of Busoga in 2008, but barred from taking office despite being absolved by the courts of any wrong doing during the elections, insists that the events of last month are machinations aimed at robbing him of a seat that is rightfully his.

The Prince said that he has been patient for long and that he has exploited all legal procedures, but that his patience had now worn thin.

“I have been patient for over five years until when I wrote to the Ssabalangira to organize for my reinstatement because I do not believe in the illegal activities being made by the people who are blocking me and this is the time to bring an end to my patience,” he said.

Chief Kaunhe Wakooli who has for the years been shifting support from one rival Prince to the other apologized for having taken long to recognize Wambuzi as the Kyabazinga.

“I am apologizing for taking long to declare prince Wambuzi as the substantive Kyabazinga and hand over the necessary instruments of power. Now I am announcing that he is with effect from now the right Kyabazinga of Busoga given my powers as the Chairperson of the council that elects a Kyabazinga,” he said.

Prince Kaunhe said that he had realized that Prince Wambuzi had been elected in a procedurally and legally right manner, which made him worthy of the seat.

Kaunhe who has been the acting Kyabazinga and participated in the August 23 election of Prince William Nadiope, claimed that the exercise had been conducted in contravention of Article 6(2) of the Constitution of Busoga.

Bulamogi County MP, Mr Kenneth Lubogo, challenged government to observe the rule of law by not recognizing Prince Gabula as the Kyabazinga.

“I appealed to President Yoweri Museveni who when to bush to return the rule of law that had gone underdogs, to respect the law fought for by not recognizing the illegally elected Kyabazinga,” he said.