Monday September 1 2014

Witness admits shooting Rwenzori attackers

Mr Yasin Atingiya (holding a microphone) testifies before the UPDF General

Mr Yasin Atingiya (holding a microphone) testifies before the UPDF General Court Martial in Bundibugyo District on Friday. PHOTO BY RUTH KATUSABE 

By Ruth Katusabe

Bundibugyo- A prosecution witness has told the UPDF General Court Martial in Bundibugyo District he got a gun from a policeman and shot dead one of the attackers and injured several others before arresting them on July 5.

Mr Yasin Atingiya, 29, a resident of Bundibugyo Town Council, said he is an informer in the office of the district internal security officer.

He was testifying on the second day of the hearing last Friday where 125 suspects are charged in connection with the Rwenzori attacks in July.
Mr Atingiya told court presided over by Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga he was abducted by the Allied Democratic Forces rebels from Bundibugyo in 1999 and spent three years with the group before eventually escaping in 2003.

He said while there, he learnt how to operate guns and conduct some operations.
“When I heard gun shots coming from the direction of the police station, I immediately moved from town and met policemen who were responding to the attack,” Mr Atingiya narrated.

“One of them handed over his gun to me and I used my military skills. We advanced... and when I located one of the attackers who were shooting at us, I shot him dead,” he added.

The witness said one of the attackers tried to retrieve a gun from the one who was shot.

“I shot him too and he dropped it. We later arrested him along with several others, some of whom had been injured,” he said.

Asked whether he knew the names of the people he arrested, Mr Atingiya said he could only remember Wilson Ngwengwe and Obadiah Tumugabe alias Kinyerere. The duo are on trial.

However, the witness could not be cross-examined by the defence lawyer because court adjourned to deliberate on an issue submitted by prosecution to allow the witness identify those he claimed he knew by physical appearance but not by name.