Sunday August 31 2014

Witness pins Rwenzururu premier



A witness in the ongoing trial by the UPDF General Court Martial of 125 persons accused of having participated in the July 5 attacks in Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts, has pinned the Rwenzururu deputy Prime Minister, Mr Yeremia Mutooro and Ms Grace Biira, in connection with the attacks.
Ms Biira is allegedly one of the leaders of the group that attacked Kanyamwirima barracks.

The trial opened on Thursday at Bundibugyo District headquarters with the military court chaired by Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga.
Mr Erastus Komungaro Kamero, 42, a stores assistant at Bundibugyo Hospital and also minister without Portfolio in the Obudhingya Bwa Bwamba Cultural Institution, told court that he participated in the arrest of Ms Biira and Mr Mutooro.

He told court that he recovered from Ms Biira a panga, which he believed was to be used in the attacks, a mobile phone allegedly used in coordination of the attacks, a black T-shirt and a military camouflage pair of trousers. The four items were tendered in court by prosecution as evidence.

The phone tendered in also bore photos of the officer in charge of Kikyo Police Station, who was killed in the same attacks.
Mr Komungaro also told court that when Mutooro was taken to Bundibugyo Police Station for safety, John Mugoba Mumbere, the deputy minister for security in the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, called on one of his two phones and Mr Komungaro insisted he puts it on hands free mode and Mr Mutooro obliged.

“Mugoba asked how the situation in Bundibugyo was, to which Mutooro replied that the Bakonzo had been ashamed because it is only their children that were killed. Mugoba then said in Kasese, they had lost only five. Mutooro then asked Mugoba to tell the Omusinga (King of Rwenzururu) to make an announcement for their sons to give up the fight and surrender,” he stated. He added that it was at this point that the police arrested Mutooro.

However, during the cross examination, defence counsel Collins Achellam wondered how Komungaro, “a mere stores assistant in charge of security of drugs at a hospital, could find himself doing police work of arresting suspects and exhibiting items”.
Court continues to hear from other witnesses tomorrow.