Wednesday January 3 2018

Woman spends two nights atop Kyabazinga’s tree

Ms Susan Nasweza atop the t

Ms Susan Nasweza atop the tree. Photo by Yazid Yolisigira 


KALIRO- A woman who stormed the palace of the rival Kyabazinga of Busoga, Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi and climbed the tallest tree in the compound two days ago, has refused to give up her strange mission. Since Monday, she remains perched on the tree branches.

Ms Susan Nasweza, 22, the wife of Mr Ronald Wako and mother of four; including a pair of twins, reportedly scaled the over 70-feet tree after beating the security of the palace royal guards.

The woman, accodring to residents hails from Nabitege village, Namugongo Sub-county in Kaliro District.

According to Mr Noah Wandari, a resident, Ms Nasweza stormed the palace compound on Monday morning and when she was confronted by the royal guards, she fled, throwing palace officials into panic.

 It was later in the evening at about 5:00pm that the guards saw her resting on the branches of the tallest tree in the palace compound.

Prince Wambuzi, who is also the hereditary Chief of Bulamogi County, was not in the palace when the incident happened and has not appeared in public since the incident.

No official statement had been released by his office or aides. About ten traditional priests have been summoned to palace to construe the understand the woman's intentions.

Stunned onlookers who have swarmed the palace say, Ms Nasweza has neither answered natures call, had a meal nor taken a bath for close to three days she has spent atop the tree.

However, during Ms Nasweza’s death-defying moment, an unidentified young girl who became hysterical, told Ms Lukowe Kaweesa, one of the traditional healers that; "the spirits had come to convey a message regarding their struggle for the Kyabazingaship.”

Worth recalling, on November 17, 2017, Prince Wambuzi declared himself the rightful Kyabazinga and formed a parallel government during a function that was held at his late father's palace in Nakabango, Jinja District.

“We are here to tell you that whatever you are doing is on the right track. Zibondo (Prince Wambuzi) is the rightful Kyabazinga,” the possessed girl said.

Onlookers who have camped at the palace. Photo

Onlookers who have camped at the palace. Photo by Yazid Yolisigira

Paul Kalikwani, the Kaliro District Councillor for Namugongo Sub-county, opined that Ms Nasweza’s decision to face Butembe County, the seat of the Busoga Kingdom, sends a message that Prince Wambuzi should be in Bugembe as the Kyabazinga.

Efforts by the traditional healers to have Ms Nasweza descend the tree were futile as she demanded to speak only to Prince Wambuzi who was is not at his palace.

Mr Julius Kamwoya, the officer-in-charge of Kaliro Police Station, said: “This is a cultural matter that needs to be handled in a cultural way. As police, we only came to offer security.”

Prince Wambuzi is rivalling for the kingship with Prince William Nadiope Gabula who was enthroned in September 2014.