Sunday May 18 2014

Women fight for Museveni cash

By Robert Owot


Women leaders belonging to a traders’ association in Pader District on Wednesday engaged in a fist-fight over Shs2.4 million President Museveni had donated to the group two days earlier.

The women; Ms Irene Ajok and Ms Margret Onyango, are both members of a women vendors’ association at Pader main market.
The fight ensued when Ms Ajok accused Ms Onyango of conniving with some vendors to swindle Shs800,000 that was part of the cash they received from the President.

Ms Ajok claimed the vendors entrusted the money with Ms Onyango but to their dismay, it could not be accounted for after two days.
“In less than two days, we learnt that part of the cash was missing. When we asked her, she said the two envelopes given by Mr Museveni were empty,” Ms Akok said.

It was at this time that Ms Onyango attacked Ms Ajok but luckily they were separated by fellow women.
President Museveni gave out the cash during the closing of the annual general meeting of Agaru Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation in Pader.

Mr Museveni donated Shs2 million to support Pader Women Market Vendors Association in their savings group and a separate Shs400,000 to individual women vendors who presented a song in support of his 2016 presidential bid.
The chairperson of the women vendors association, Ms Alice Ali, confirmed the two women had fought over the money following reports that the President’s donation had been swindled.