Women shun child spacing to safeguard marriages

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By Farahani Mukisa

Posted  Friday, December 13   2013 at  12:11

In Summary

They claim husbands threaten to leave them if they practice family planning.


Luweero- Women in Luweero District have rejected family planning methods for fear of being abandoned by their husbands.

They claim that when their husbands discover that they are on contraceptives, they marry other women who do not practice family planning.

Ms Olive Nakitende, 27, a mother of six children, said during her early marriage stages, she used family planning methods to avoid getting unwanted pregnancy.

“But when my husband found out, he was furious and threatened to divorce me, yet children are a binding factor in our land [Buganda]. I had to abandon the methods to save my marriage,” Ms Nakitende told a conference organised by Reproductive Health Uganda in Kasaana village.

Another mother of six, Ms Akello Florence, 30, said she secretly wanted to use family planning methods but could not access the services from Kasaana Health Centre II.

“Besides, I feared my husband would abandon me if he learnt of it because he had earlier cautioned me about it,” she said.
Hajj Abdul Nadduli, the district chairperson, blamed the trend on the wrong perception by the men.

“Many men think women who use family planning methods will never produce children again, which is a wrong perception we need to fight,” he said.

Dr Zainab Akol, the principal medical officer in-charge of family planning, said the challenge is still in many rural areas and requires collective responsibility of the community.