Work hard to succeed,Mbabazi tells youth

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Mr Amama Mbabazi

Mr Amama Mbabazi 

By Paul Tajuba

Posted  Monday, August 25   2014 at  11:56

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has urged the youth to work hard to realise their dreams.

“Each time you fall, rise up and try again and move on…Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible and, therefore, when you develop confidence and determination to work don’t feel there is nothing you can’t do,” Mr Mbabazi said.

Mr Mbabazi, who has earned himself many friends and enemies for his supposed presidential ambition, was speaking at a traditional marriage ceremony (okuhingyira) of Ms Phiona Mwesigwa and Mr Joshua Mutabazi in Luzira, a Kampala suburb at the weekend.

“For me, I always aim high and until I die, I will aim higher,” Mr Mbabazi was quoted as saying in a statement issued by his office.
Mr Mbabazi recently said holding presidential ambitions is not a crime.

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