Monday June 9 2014

World Cup: Police caution football fans

By Andrew Bagala


Police have ordered managers of entertainment centres who intend to show and air the forthcoming World Cup matches to ask clients to identify themselves before accessing the venues.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga said managers of several entertainment centres have been briefed on the new security guidelines to ensure terrorists don’t take advantage of laxity in security. “Asking for identification from a client may be challenging and somehow inconveniencing, but it is the best way they will prevent terrorists from accessing their venues,” Mr Enanga said yesterday.

Fifa World Cup matches to be hosted by Brazil will start televising across the globe on Thursday.
This is the first World Cup since Ugandans were attacked by al-shabaab terrorists while watching the match at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kampala in July 2010.
At least 78 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the terror attacks. The suspects are still facing charges in court.

Police also said they would not tolerate drink-driving. “This time round, the matches will be aired late in the night, which means that some fans, who take alcohol, will have more time to consume it. Our traffic officers with their breathalysers will also be on the road to ensure that no drunk-drivers drive,” he said.

Police advised soccer fans, who will go to trading centres to watch matches, to move in groups to reduce chances of attack from criminals at night. “We have informed all our police units to be on the alert and give help to local entertainment centres to ensure that venues are safe.” he said.