Wrangles over Mbarara taxi park management rage on

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Posted  Friday, December 13  2013 at  11:54

In Summary

Two rival groups have been struggling to take over the park’s management.


MBARARA- The Inspector General of Government has for the second time, halted the awarding of the Mbarara Taxi Park management tender following petitions by the two rival competitors.

Members of the Mbarara Taxi Owners Cooperative Society and Mbarara United Taxi Owners, Conductors and Drivers Cooperative Society have fought ever since the bidding was opened in August last year.

Efforts by security agencies and the local leadership to unite the two rivals have not yielded much success.

The standoff has cost Mbarara Municipal Council dearly due to the fact that no revenues have at times been collected.

According to analysts, political interference has been seen as one of the main reason for the wrangle.

It is alleged that a number of prominent businessmen and politicians are fuelling the wrangle, with some seeking to benefit financially.

Last year, the Resident District Commissioner, Mr Clement Kandole, was dragged into the matter, but denied any personal interests.

“We have tried to unite these groups but in vain. We only get involved when we detect security threats,” Mr Kandole said.

Ms Polly Namaye, the police spokesperson for Rwizi Region, said the Force would remain deployed at the park to stop any possible clashes among the rivaling parties.