Yellow fever kills 20 people in Napak

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By Steven Ariong

Posted  Saturday, December 28   2013 at  02:00


Residents of Napak District are living in fear following an outbreak of yellow fever.

Dr James Lemukol, the Napak health director, said so far 20 people have died of yellow fever in the past six months. He said more than 300 cases have been registered, adding that Lorengechora, Iriiri and Lokopo sub-counties were the worst affected.

“We are facing several outbreak of diseases in Napak. Last month, we fought hepatitis E. Now yellow fever has also come in,” Dr Lemukol said. He attributed the spread of hepatitis E to poor personal hygiene, adding that Napak has a low latrine coverage, which he said is at 22 per cent.

Dr Lemukol appealed to development partners working in Karamoja sub-region to join Napak District authorities to fight the diseases.

Yellow fever
The disease: Yellow fever affects the liver and kidneys and is often fatal. It is transmitted by mosquitoes. The World Health Organisation says there are 200,000 cases of the disease each year, resulting in 30,000 deaths.

Symptoms: The disease causes a fever, headache, back pain, loss of appetite, vomiting and jaundice due to liver damage. It also causes abdominal pain.
Prevention: Prevention includes vaccination as well as avoidance of mosquito bites.